Programme colloque 18-19 novembre 2016 : Comparing the Concepts of representation

Le pdf du programme est ICI.

Concepta Research Seminar

Comparing the Concepts of Representation

Sciences Po & Paris 8, Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November 2016

Organized by the Civic Constellation II project, Concepta: International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought, the CLAIMS project (ANR-DFG) and HiSoPo (AFSP)

Convenors: Samuel Hayat (CNRS/CERAPS) and José María Rosales (University of Málaga)



Friday, 18 November 2016


Sciences Po                        56 rue des Saint-Pères, room François Goguel (5th floor)

Welcome 9:15

Session 1         9:30 – 10:45                  Keynote Lecture

Chair: Samuel Hayat

Yves Sintomer, Paris 8

The Meanings of Political Representation: Uses and Misuses of a Notion

Session 2         11:00 – 13:00    Historicizing Representation

Chair: José María Rosales

Bert Dejer

Disputing the Old Government: Representation and the Free State in Holland, 17061716

Julia Nordblad, Uppsala

Speaking Political Representation: An Attempt to Operationalize the ‘Representative Claim’ in Historical Research

Taru Haapala, Jyväskylä-QMUL

Oxford Union Debate on War in 1933: Rhetoric, Representation, Political Action

Udit Bhatia and Vatsal Naresh, Oxford and Yale

Defection and Representation in India

Session 3         14:30 – 16:30    Conceptualizing Representation

Chair: Samuel Hayat

Alessandro Mulieri, Leuven

Representation as a Political Theological Concept

Piotr Kuligowski, Poznan

The Conceptions of Representation in Polish Political Thought (18321848)

Facundo Rocca, Paris 8

The Problems of Modern Representation in the Young Marx

Ludmilla Lorrain, Paris 1

Mill’s Concept of Political Representation

Session 4         16:45 – 18:15    Methodological Studies

Chair: Samuel Hayat

Petra Guasti and Brigitte Geissel, Frankfurt

Semantics of Claims: Comparing Two German Case Studies

Alaya Forte, SOAS

Political Representation at the Intersection: How Should We Search for a New Framework?

Christine Ludl, Berlin

Studying ‘Representations’ in the Global South: From an Object of Research to a Conceptual History and Epistemology of Representation(s)

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Centre Malher                      9 rue Malher, main amphitheatre (1st basement)

Session 5         9:30 – 10:45                 Keynote Lecture

Chair: Stéphanie Tawa Lama-Rewal, CNRS/CEIAS

Rochana Bajpal, SOAS

Representation and Difference: Revisiting the Indian Constituent Assembly Debates: 1946–49

Session 6         11:00 – 13:00    Case Studies on Undemocratic Representation

Chair: Brigitte Geissel, Frankfurt

Chulki Hong, Seoul

Undemocratic Reception of Undemocratic Idea and Institution? Political Representation in East Asian Contexts

Wang Zhongyuan, Leiden

Authoritarian Representation: Representational Innovations in China’s Local People’s Congresses

Lindsay J. Benstead, Portland State

Clientelistic Responsiveness: Conceptualizing Representation under Authoritarianism

Florence Di Bonaventura, Bruxelles Saint-Louis

The Dynamic and Polysemous Political Representation of the Lega Nord through Identity, Imagery and Mandate

Session 7         14:30 – 15:45    Keynote Lecture

Chair: José María Rosales

Kari Palonen, Jyväskylä

Max Weber and the European Union

Session 8         16:00 – 17:00    General Discussion

To attend the Research Seminar, please register by sending an email to

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